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    While working as a recruiting specialist a few years ago, I faced with the fact that most people don’t like what they do. They work only for money or prestige, causing suffering and losing themselves.


    Then I had a lofty goal, to help people to understand their talents and choose that occupation that would bring spiritual joy and happiness. So, I began to specialize in vocational guidance, using psychological tests and socionics. Every time I tested the unusual new methods, even the fingerprint diagnostic. In the end, I came to the conclusion that Astrology shows more accurately human’s soul aspiration and talents than any psychological test. And I discovered Elements System and developed it to special algorithm to understand the vocation of a person. And my personal mission is to help people to find a favorite occupation according to their nature.

  • Job-match service

    "There are moments in life when you feel lost in a muze. Follow your guiding star and you will meet true yourself doing what he really loves"

    Consultation about your nature

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    Price: 150 euro 1 hour consultation - audio-messages chat

    200 euro 1 hour consultation - skype

    How does the consultation go by

    For the consultation you need to know the exact time and of birth. It is possible to work without the exact time, but the result will not be as complete.

    1. You send the application (Contacts section)
    2. You fill and send the short questionnaire received from me
    3. We agree on a consultation on Skype / Viber
    4. You pay for the consultation
    5. Consultation for 1 hour with info about your nature and clear recommendations in life/profession/business sphere and role
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    I am constantly developing and training, some of my certificates:​

    + International School of Astrology of Rami Blact Ishwara

    4 stages

    + Gabi Satori Course

    Definition of profession on the horoscope

    12 units

    + The Course of astropsychology
    Workshop of Inspiration

    16 units




    "I think that you should appeal to Nataly for advice about your destination, even if you know it! I appealed to Natalia, knowing from the childhood my destination. This is to be engaged in the design, since I was no longer interested in anything. But six months ago, I understood that something has changed and I want to do something else. You can only try to imagine how was I shocked and confused. I have spent so much time on study and work to gain experience in this field. Natalia disclosed and described in details all the opportunities that I have for the realization.
    I am glad that I saw Natalia’s site and an offer about helping with the search of destination now, at the transitional stage, at a completely different profession. This approved my faith in myself much more. And also I learned a lot of interesting and amazing things about myself. I wish everyone to find your destination! Believe in yourself! Good luck!

    Thank to Natalia for her work, for responsible and meticulous approach to work. Everything is clear. "


     Job-match teaching

    "Я увидела СТОЛЬКО всего в своей приоде! Как будто встретила хорошего друга-разные грани моей личности,описанные Натальей,ярко проигрывались в разные периоды жизни! Сказать,что я в восторге-это ничего не сказать. Поняла, что мои стремления к сокральным женским знаниям- не шиза, а предназначение, талант и устремление души!Наталья, прими самую искреннюю мою благодарность и восхищение твоим умением щедро передавать знания-легко и с юмором. Мне было очень приятно пообщаться, поделиться своими реализациями, узнать профессиональные секретики! Ты гений!"

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